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ROL Electronic Wind Instrument


Brings Unique Possibilities to Your Music

ROL Electronic Wind Instrument enables you to enjoy the same expressive musical capabilities and control found in traditional acoustic instruments and provides an expressive, immersive platform for unrestricted creative expression. Regardless of wherever you play, the portable and lightweight digital wind instrument is ready. 


  • Provides expressive music.ROL Electronic Wind Instrument is packed with a selection of the latest synth sounds that are specially tailored for wind instrument performance with fully optimized breath control. With its ability to express more expressive music, this will not limit your creativity!

  • Play anywhere you want. Regardless of wherever you play, the portable and lightweight digital wind instrument is ready. Six AA batteries provide mobile power, and onboard monitor speakers deliver comfortable sound for intimate performing situations. You don’t have to bring a huge instrument, you can bring this and make creative possibilities in the world of music!

  • Unlimited creative possibilities.This is a powerful standalone instrument, it also lets you unleash your creativity with external gear. Simply connect this to your computer via USB to play soft synths and external MIDI sound modules through your DAW, with breath control providing a world of unique expression. 

  • Easy breath control.This requires focused breath control techniques that can take a long time to master. Thanks to its digital sound engine and expressive breath sensor. Just learn the basic buttons and blow into the mouthpiece, and you can be the greatest star you are born to be. 

Product Details:

  • Components: ABS
  • Product Size: 58.93 x 6.99 x 6.99 cm
  • Product Weight: 589.67 grams
  • Color: Mint, Blue

Package Included:

  • 1 x ROL Electronic Wind Instrument

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