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ShowerPlus Adjustable Shower Head Holder


Shower too high? Bath, wash, or clean comfortably using your shower spray!

Install your bathroom shower spray at a location you desire, hassle-free! No drills and no tools needed. All can be done in just an instant and effortless way with thisShowerPlus Adjustable Shower Head Holder – the 360° adjustable shower head holder.

  • Supports Easy Bathing and Cleaning:  With this, your shower spray head can easily supply water at any point or angle in the bathroom where you need it. No need to exert effort in getting the water you need. Make your shower head flexible to freely clean and bathe! 

  • Damage-Free Wall Installation: This shower bracket holder is super easy to install. Stick to any smooth surface that is made of marbles, metal plates, smooth wood, ceramic tiles, smooth glass and many more. No tools and no drilling needed. All you have to do is choose the location and install it. Easy! 
  • 360° Head Angle Adjustability:Rotatable head makes it easy to adjust it up to an angle of up to 30° towards the wall. It is also removable for your ultimate convenience. Reposition or transfer your shower arm to a more strategic place for easy children and pet cleaning.


  • Powerful Suction Ability: Equipped with a suction cup with powerful adsorption ability that provides a stronghold for an easy installation to your bathroom wall. In fact, his ShowerPlus Adjustable Shower Head Holder can even convey a most extreme heap of 5.8 pounds without pulling off. Not even when it gets wet with water!


  • Premium Quality Product: Made with the best quality ABS material, it is strong and durable and built for a long time of use. Usable for most standard shower heads available in the market. This rotatable shower head bracket can provide easy water supply while bathing, pet cleaning, bathroom walls and floor cleaning, or even when washing your clothes and other items.


Product Details:

Components: ABS Plastic

Size: 14.5  x 6cm

Colors Available:White, Yellow, Green, Gray

Package Include: 

1 xShowerPlus Adjustable Shower Head Holder

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