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Snuffle Mat for Dogs

With an instinct to find food in nature, dogs are born. Domestic animals are losing their abilities as well as the associated enjoyment. The Snuffle Mat For Dogs will assist them to recover the joy of food foraging.It is a distinctive dog training pad that makes it possible for your dog to find food or small toys concealed in the pad. It helps train the odour of your dog, absorb the energy of your dog, and lose weight. Keep your dog busy and prevent your dog from becoming bored and engaging in dangerous behavior.


Healthy Fabric: Our dog food mat is made of soft, non-toxic, sturdy, and odorless, environmental and waterproof felt cloth that ensures total protection while your pet searches for food without damaging its eyes.

Bottom Anti-Slip Design: Robust and sturdy, our dog bowl mat. It comes with a non-slip pad on the bottom that makes it difficult to quickly shift or break apart.

Slow Feeding Mat: With a foraging snuffle mat, feed your dog slowly. They can be used as interactive dog toys or puzzle toys for dogs. Eliminates their fear over separation.

Material: Felt Cloth

Smell Pad Size: 19" x 19" x 3"

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