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SoccerPRO Solo Practice Trainer

Drastically improve your playing skills to remain significant in the field.


Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there is always room to improve for everyone. Investing in the decent soccer training products will help you refine your soccer skills and tricks. Sharpen your shot accuracy, dribbling, ball control, and passing tricks within a short time with thisSoccerPRO Solo Practice Trainer.

  • High-Quality, Premium Components: Simple, lightweight but smart design. This solo trainer has a superior quality neoprene waist belt with velcro fastening and strong stitching. The tether/cord is made up of high-quality elastic that can be adjusted to suit various training activities.
  • Soccer Practice Trainer: This soccer trainer lets players maximize the number of touches on the ball with more mobility. Great for pre-game drills or warm-ups. Devised for solo training to improve skills, control, kick-ups, shooting, throw-ins, goalkeeper skills, saves, and more. 
  • All Levels and Adjustable Belt:Designed for players of all ages and ability levels to gain more authority over the ball. The waist belt comes with a fastener tape to fit players of various sizes. Practice anywhere and save lots of time that you could have otherwise used to chase the ball all around the pitch. The 5 feet elastic cord stretches up to over 18 feet.
  • Fits All Soccer Ball Sizes: Hard-wearing neoprene glove fits soccer ball sizes 3, 4, 5, and standard volleyball, and beach volleyball. This SoccerPRO Solo Practice Trainer is very portable for solo play, practice, and training anywhere

Product Details:

Components: Nylon Cloth

Color: Black

Size: Waistline 57-100cm

Connecting rope length: 170cm

Package Included:

1 set x SoccerPRO Solo Practice Trainer

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