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Thermo+ Electric Heated Car Seat Cover


Sitting in the car during the winter is not an enjoyable experience especially if it gets a few minutes to warm up. 

Your hands are numb, your feet are painful, and you’re all bundled up. Having thisThermo+ Electric Heated Car Seat Coverwill not only keep you warm when the temperature drops, but they’ll also protect your seats. As a result, you can stay alert throughout the journey and be healthy avoiding any cold-related illnesses.

  • Fast Heated Seat Cushion:  On either the right or left side so you can find the perfect setting every time. It is divided into two temperature levels, containing Lo( up to 40 °C ) & Hi (up to 65°C). It offers warmth for your back and bottom as well as a relaxed seat. Features a temperature control switch that can be set to either high, low, or off. Perfect for cold weather or winter driving.
  • Plug and Play: Just plug it into your 12V cigarette lighter and your seat will start to warm. Feel the heat in about 2 - 3 minutes. It uses high-level high-level alloy heating wire which is built into the fabric. Complete with automatic constant temperature controller with better heat dissipation to ensure safe use of electricity.
  • Intelligent Heating Mode: ThisThermo+ Electric Heated Car Seat Cover adapts uses temperature control technology which offers a very comfortable user experience. It will automatically power off to prevent overheating if the temperature reaches over 65 °C and it will heat up automatically if below 7 °C.
  • Four-Layer Seat Warmer: The four-layer design seat warmer is thick and comfortable. It has a soft and breathable surface so you won't feel tired even for a long time driving. The bottom of the seat warmer is made of non-slip mesh fabric which helps fix the heated cushion to the seat top to prevent it from slipping.

Product Details:

Components: Polyester

Size: 96 x 48cm

Input Current: 12 V DC

Maximum power consumption: 45W + 3W

Low power consumption: 36W + 3W

Fuse: 10A

Power line: 133CM

Colors: Black, Grey, Brown

Options: 1pc, 1set

Package Included:

1 x Thermo+ Electric Heated Car Seat Cover

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