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THZ Mounted Door Valet Folding Hanger


Hang your clothes while saving space.


THZ Mounted Door Valet Folding Hanger is your over-the-door folding rack that offers a double hook rack with six hanging spots. Easily mountable anywhere in your home. Just hook and hang whenever needed.  

Create more space for your clothes and stuff.THZ Mounted Door Valet Folding Hanger is a compact hook that you can flip down when you need extra space for hanging your clothes or other stuff. It can hold 20 lbs of weight. 

No drills, no installation needed.Just hook, flip and hang. It’s compact and versatile at 35 x 22 cm that can be easily stored away when not needed. No need to drill on walls or install on a specific space. Designed with a steel hook for a durable and strong hold.  It’s modern, space-saving and a minimalist design perfect for limited living spaces.  

Mount it anywhere in your home.Hook it in your bathroom, laundry room, or by the window to air dry your clothes, towels. Create extra room in your closet or behind your doors and hold more hangers for your clothes. Organize your clothes better or plan your outfit of the day. 

Product Details:

Components: PP, steel

Product Size: 35 x 22 cm

Color: pink, green

Package Included:

1 x Mounted Door Valet Folding Hanger

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