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TubeFix 360° Rotary ElbowTube Fitting


Multi-angle and multi- use pipe fitting

Create your desired angle and adjust your pipe joint for better fitting. TubeFix 360° Rotary ElbowTube Fitting is a PVC pipe that allows you to bend and adjust two pipes from 0 to 90 degrees. You can use it as a straight coupler, bed, elbow joint and more. This push-fit pipe is perfect for correcting awkward angles in the drainage, sewage, and ventilation systems. 


  • Correct awkward pipe angles. Tube fitting of 360 degrees and adjustable up to 90 degrees. It comes in two different sizes of 50mm and 75mm to fit your piping requirements. It can be rotated arbitrary and repositioned which is perfect for any awkward angles and misaligned pipe work.
  • Save on separate fittings.Quick installation and works on different materials. TubeFix 360° Rotary ElbowTube Fitting saves you costs on different and separate fittings. Correct angles and level pipes on any layouts. No need to replace the whole system. Adjust up to 90 degrees and align perfect without leaks. 
  • Cleverly incorporates two bends.Poor piping alignment and layout? Take care of this issue without expecting the pressure and moving different pieces of the pipeline. Adjust the angle and connect two bends together. Fix joints without the need to couple them together. Save your time fixing fittings. 
  • Works on different piping systems. Made of PVC and ABS. It’s durable, nontoxic and corrosion resistant. Great for indoor construction of drain, waste, and vent systems. 

Product Details:

Components: PVC, ABS
Product Size: 50mm / 75mm / 110mm
Product Weight: 150g
Color: white

Package Included:

1 x 360° Rotary ElbowTube Fitting

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