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TY Adjustable Wooden Embroidery Stitching Frame

Gives the relaxed embroidery experience

Make embroidery hassle-free with TY Adjustable Wooden Embroidery Stitching Frame. The embroidery stand features 360° rotation, a quick flip top to easily see the back of your work, and height adjustment. It is fully adjustable and made from hardwood. This makes you have a quiet embroidery time.


  • Gives a relaxed embroidery experience.With its adjustable height between 31-42cm/12.2-16.5inch, so you can adjust to your needs. It can hold hoops well and work on your projects without having your hands hold the hoop. You can put it under either your leg and the table; which makes you sit up straight and decreases the wrist pain and backache.


  • Make your stitching hassle-free. This TY Adjustable Wooden Embroidery Stitching Frame is very easy to assemble and take apart; which doesn’t take up much room at all. The top can swivel, you can turn it in any direction with ease.


  • Work on more difficult stitches.This will free up your hands allowing you to work on more difficult stitches such as French knots with ease and it will relieve cramped or tired hands letting you stitch for longer!


  • The essential tool for embroidery.Space can be adjusted freely, appropriate for round and square embroidery hoop with less than 40 cm in diameter. The hoops can be rotated 360 degrees, whichever is best for you so you can work on the most difficult angle. 

Product Details

  • Components: Solid wood
  • Size: 20 x 20 x 8 inches

Package includes:

  • 1 x TY Adjustable Wooden Embroidery Stitching Frame

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