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Ultimate Home Workout Set™

Achieve The Body You Want From The Comfort Of Home

Our Ultimate Home Workout Set™ is the perfect home gym addition for beginners and experts alike. This complete set of workout resistance bands provides a full-body workout, giving you excellent strength and muscle tone throughout all the core muscle groups. It's perfect for weight loss, muscle building, and toning.


Included In The Set!

  • Examples of exercises

  • 2 Soft foam rubber handles

  • 2 Ankle holder

  • 1 Instruction for use

  • 1 Door Anchors (To fix it easily)

  • 4.5 KG * Belt - Yellow

  • 6.8 KG * Tire - Red

  • 9.1 KG * Belt - Green

  • 11.3 KG * Strap - Blue

  • 3.6 KG * Strap - Black

  • Carrier bag

Please note: due to the high demand for our Ultimate Workout Set ™ due to the ongoing pandemic, we are almost out of stock ... Order quickly before we sell out!


Feel the freedom of being able to train anywhere, any time. Gone are the days of being confined to a single space or having to go to a gym to get the results you want. Workout at home, work, outside, or on a trip! The entire set is easily portable so you can grab it and go!

Determine Your Own Weight!

Depending on your muscle group and difficulty level, not every workout requires the same amount of weight. Ranging from 4.5 KG to 45 KG, you can mix and match the exercise bands to get the weight that you need to get the ultimate workout experience specifically for you!

How to use it? 

  1. Choose a muscle group you want to train
  2. Adjust the weight
  3. Attach the set
  4. Enjoy your training and achieve results quickly and easily!

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