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WAVE™️ Digital Car Circuit Diagnostic Scanner

Tracing faulty wires is made possible!


No more struggling to find the issues and no more damaging your vehicle! This instrument is designed to determine and identify wires or cables without damaging the insulation. You can also use it for tracing short circuits and locating open circuits and so on. This will allow you to save your money from spending so much in auto-shop before finding the real problem. Locate the disconnected or faulty wire in just minutes!



  • Locating Open Circuit.This is made to detect and alert you immediately where a circuit is open. You can quickly and easily locate short circuits, open connections, broken wires, current leaks, and even trace wires. Transmitter and receiver LEDs show open or short circuit conditions.


  • Internally Protected. This is safe against power surges and overloads. You don’t have to worry about a sudden spark. 


  • Checking Short Circuit.You can also find intermittent circuit problems by flexing wires or connectors and listening for a change in the receiver tone. This can even identify wires in congested places.

Product Specification

Material: ABS

Size: 204 x 44 mm / 68 x 58 mm

Package includes: 

1 x Automotive Short and Open Finder (Within a carry bag) 

1 x Instruction Manual

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