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Wireless Endoscope Ear Pick Camera


The Ultimate Way To Clean Your Ears.

Studies show that cotton swabs cause irreversible damage to your hearing.
That's Why Doctors Suggest Cleaning Your Ears With
Dig™ Endoscope Ear Pick Camera.
The ear cleaner that wirelessly connects your phone.

Our Endoscope Ear Pick Camera allows you to safely access your ear wax, without any damage to your ears. It seamlessly connects to any smartphone and shows macro high-definition video directly to your phone screen for easy inner ear viewing.

 Clinically Tested & Recommended
 Wireless 3 megapixel Camera
 Premium Soft Silicone Scraper
 Designed By ENT Specialists (Ear Doctors)
 Money-Back Guarantee - 2 Year Warranty

 Cleans pushed in ear wax from Cotton Swabs
 Doesn't leave behind cotton strands that trick your immune system
  Zero ear irritation
Safely view the cleaning from your smart device to avoid eardrum damage
Recommended by doctors to help avoid hearing loss due to cotton swab damage



4.8 Stars Out Of 5
Based On 1500 Reviews

Below is a video from a patient in Portland, Oregon. The microscopic cotton strands from Q-tips mixed with inner ear wax caused a fungus to grow. This attracted flies to crawl into the patient's ear to feed on the fungus and thus, lay its eggs. This procedure was done using Dig™ Endoscope Ear Pick by Dr.Cheryl Dawn.
She was not able to save the patient's hearing due to the damage from the insects.

Product Specs:

1080p HD Viewing
• Multiple LED light Tip
• Soft Silicone Spade Tip
• USB rechargeable 
• Connects to Apple, Android, And PC
• Wifi Connection

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