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3D Rainbow Window Film

Create a special rainbow visual in your home with the one-of-a-kind 3D Rainbow Window Film. Using sunlight that redirects through the special pattern of the Rainbow Window Film, it also reduces annoying glares and blocks 96% of UV Rays.

Protecting your furniture and keeping your home cool from getting exposed to sunlight it creates an instant soft atmosphere!

  • 40x100cm Fits Any Standard Size Windows or Doors
  • 40x200cm Does 2-3 Windows
  • 40x400cm Can Do 5.8 Windows


3D Rainbow Effect: The window film creates a magical artistic rainbow effect across the room.

Heat & UV Control: Heat preservation in Winter and heat prevention in the Summer, blocking out 96% of UV Rays, prevent damage on walls, floors or furniture and save money on air conditioning.

Privacy Protection: It also doubles as a privacy film, creating a frosting cover over your window. Protect your home from unwanted eyes.

No Adhesives: Glue-free design prevent damage on your windows and is easier to use. Reuse it over and over!

Reusable Static Cling: Remove it easily and then reapply it without any traces left behind. Water-resistant.

Cut It Into Unique Shapes or Sizes!


Material: Environmentally Friendly PVC Static Film


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