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Miter Router Bit (2Pcs/Set)

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45-Degree Lock Miter Router Bit – lucyangus

Create and cut accurate lock miter joints using 45° Lock Miter Router Bit. Great for cutting, processing miter joints, and sticking surfaces. Keeps pieces from moving when clasped up. Fast and easy to set up. A must-have tool for making boxes, drawers, furniture, and other casework.

  • Perfect joints and smooth finish.
    Achieve clean and glass-smooth cuts and lock miters that flawlessly fit and finish like a pro. Craft furniture legs with perfect edge fitting.

Lock Miter Router Bit – Bunnel Bee

  • No more worries about misalignment.
    Easy to adjust height and depth in your pieces for an equal cut. Perfect 45° joints in stock from 5/8" to 1-3/16" thick. No overhangs and flat spots problems.
  • Provides extra gluing surface.
    Create stronger corner joints by increasing the gluing surface for pieces. Join parallel boards with additional glue for a strong finish.
  • Don’t skimp on your cutting tools.
    A good quality tool creates good output. Made from premium Tungsten Cobalt Alloy and designed with extra-thick micro-grain carbide tips for making perfect cuts that fit.

1/2 Inch Shank 45 Lock Miter Router Bit Woodworking Cutter Drill ...

Product Details

  • Size: 8mm Shank
  • Component: Tungsten Cobalt Alloy

Package includes

  • 2x 45° Lock Miter Router Bit

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