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9H Headlight Cleaning Polish

Dirty headlights can be dangerous, severely impacting your visibility not only to you but to other drivers. Reducing 90% of their projection distance, it also just looks bad, and can be very hard to clean off.

The solution to all these problems is here with our revolutionary 9H Headlight Cleaning Polish, simply spray and wipe and your headlights will look good as new. Specifically formulated for headlights, it includes a hydrophobic coating that will protect future build up.

  • Give Your Headlights A Brand New Look
  • Make Driving Safe For You & People Around You
  • Hydrophobic Coating, Protect Future Build Up
  • Instantly Removes Years Of Haze & Dirt
  • Safe, Non-Toxic Chemical

The long-lasting formula not only shreds through the haze on your headlights, it protects future damage, erosion from sunlight or dirt. A one-time application that will keep your headlights safe with a fresh new look.

Includes Sponges, Sandpaper, Tape, Gloves

How To Use


30ML 9H Formula
Coating Thickness: 30um
Anti-Corrosion: PH2-12
Durability: 3 Years


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