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Adjustable Drawing Ruler Circle Tool

Stimulate your creativity. Design and draw with accurate measurements using Adjustable Drawing Ruler Circle Tool. Easily adjustable and rotating functions ideal for woodworking and designing works.

The scalable Iris drawing tool.

  • Compact and freely adjustable design. It has a marked measurement guide for drawing precise, uniform and perfect circles. The ring on top closes and opens to form circles of different measurements. Change circles in various sizes.  according to your needs.
  • Great drawing roundels. With 12.5cm/4.9in diameter, design and decorate circular figures, models and objects easily. Makes drawing accurate circles a breeze on wood and even transfer paper. 
  • Steady and stable drawing tool.Make different circle patterns in a stable manner. Flexible but holds steadily during drawing for a neat result.
  • A tool for woodworking enthusiasts and designers. It’s rust and corrosion resistant made from aluminum alloy and stainless steel for long use. Helpful, precise and compact for convenient and detailed work. 


  • Components: aluminum alloy, stainless steel
  • Size: diameter about 12.5cm / 4.9in
  • Packing size: 16.5x15x2.8cm
  • Weight: about 270g


  • 1 x Adjustable Drawing Tool

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