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Adjustable Shelf Storage Organizer


Want more layers added to your closet? Try this magic shelf 

This Adjustable Closet Shelf can help you to make good use of the space you can't reach that is wasted all the time. It fits for almost any mountable places cause is jacked up flexibly.

Above all, it's nail-free, drill-free, glue-free! No worry about any damage or mark on your furniture. Can be installed between a gap without additional fittings. Ideal for clothes hanging in the closet and others.

Product description

  • 🌟ADD EXTRA STORAGE SPACE - Useful to fit in kitchen cupboards to prevent overcrowding on one single shelf. Useful to fit in wardrobe to divide a heap of clothes and make better use of wardrobe shelves.

  • 🌟STRONG & STURDY - These Storage Shelves are made of high-quality Plastic and Metal tubes, maximum bearable a weight of 20kg.

  • 🌟EXTENDABLE - Good range of sizes available to fit most spaces. Choose an available size according to your actual needs. Each storage rack has several removable plates, you can adjust the occupied area according to your needs.

  • 🌟MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Suitable to fit in the kitchen cupboard, wardrobe, airing cupboard, under the sink, bathroom wash table. Anywhere you wanted to add extra storage space.

  • 🌟NO DRILLING - Using the principle of Friction and Tension to make the shelf firmly grasp the wall. Very easy to assemble without using any screws or permanent fixings. Absolutely good for anyone with no DIY skills or for people who rent and can not drill walls etc.

Product detalis

✅No need to drill holes on the wall to drill.

✅Can be installed between a gap without additional fittings.

✅Ideal for clothes hanging in the closet and others.

✅Can be used in uneven areas such as bumps, angles, etc

Installation instructions

😀Open the fixing button.

😁Insert to square Washers.

😄Install 4 ovral anti-slip pads

😆Twist 2 fine-tuning knobs to the marked position.

😊Stretch the rack to the installation position, make both ends aligned with a wall or other surfaces

😗Press the fixing button.

😏Tighten 2 fan-shaped screws to fix the smaller tube

😝Tighten 2 fan-tuning knobs clockwise to fix the rack.

  • Material: ABS, Steel Tube
  • Size:
    S-Length 30-40cm, Width 24cm
    M-Length 38-55cm, Width 24cm
    L- Length 50-80cm, Width 24cm

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