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Adjustable Wig Headband Grip


Velvet and flexible velcro headband

Our Adjustable Wig Headband Grip makes holding your wig easier. Hold your hair in place and keep it secured the whole day. Regardless of what exercises you do, your hair stays flawless. Comfortable, gentle on hair and scalp and holds your wig without the need for glues, clips, or combs.  


  • Comfortable and barely there. Our Adjustable Wig Headband Grip is made of breathable and soft velvet material that’s light and comfortable you barely feel it’s there.  100% breathable and keeps your head sweat free. Wear your wig like it’s your natural hair.

  • No more hair problems and headaches. Long hours of using a wig can be uncomfortable and sometimes causes headaches and other hair issues. Prevent this by giving your hair the proper grip without using any glues, comb or clips that adds to the uncomfortable feeling. It provides enough space between your hair and wig to have proper airflow.

  • Secure grip and slip proof. Adjustable Wig Headband Grip is the easiest, safest and the most secure when it comes to holding your wig. Made of velcro and flexible fabric it stays in place like a headband. Stay active, run your errands and do whatever without worrying about hair from coming off. 
  • Style your hair as you like it.  Match your wig with whatever hairstyles and hair pieces and it still won’t come off. Wear hats, caps, bonnet,  head pieces or style it anyway you want  and your wig stays in place. It comes in 3 colors  - black, beige, brown to match your hair color. 

Product Details:

Components: Soft velvet
Product size: ONE SIZE FITS ALL ( 22" x 2.4"x 1.5")
Product weight:2.56 ounces
Colors: black, beige , brown

Package Included: 

1 x Adjustable Wig Headband Grip 

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