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Aluminum Woodworking Lift Table

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No more manual lifting!

Aluminum Woodworking Lift Table regulates the height position of your materials for stability and better support. Steady platform and reduce injury rates during woodwork. Keep lifting injuries at bay and make operations safer. Great for woodwork and upholstery jobs. 



  • No more manual lifting. Aluminum Woodworking Lift Table is a stable platform that eliminates manual lifting and tedious finding for a good steady bench. Position, raise or lower according to your desired height. 
  • Protection from injuries. A steady lift table reduces the chances of accidents common during woodwork. It makes the workplace safer and prevents injuries. 
  • Improve your productivity. Lift and work on your woodworks and DIY projects without worries. Stable lift, safe working place and reduced physical exertion only means better and improved productivity. 
  • Low maintenance design. Ergonomically designed with experimental lift by the panel, under the floor and the rotating shaft and handwheel. Simple, effective and very easy to maintain. 

Product Details:

Components: Aluminum Oxide

Size: 100mmx100mm/4inx4in

Lifting range: 47-143mm

Color: Blue

Package includes: 

1 x Aluminum Woodworking Lift Table

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