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Angle Grinder Dust Shroud Cover Tool

Eliminate and collect silica dust when grinding for safer work practices!

Dust control and removal made quick and simple. Forestall silica dust from turning out to be airborne adequately.  Reduce dust accumulation during concrete cutting and grinding with Angle Grinder Dust Shroud Cover. 


  • Better control methods and work practices. Control and prevent inhaling of harmful silica dust while using a hand grinder. A simple addition that makes your work safer and protects you from any possible health dangers caused by dust. 
  • Save a lot of cleanup time.What was supposed to be a day-long job with a scraper was done in a bit over an hour. Angle Grinder Dust Shroud Cover collects dust fast and efficiently. By the time you’re done with grinding, you don’t even have to clean and collect dust at all. 
  • Leaves no damage to Components. Grind and work close to wall without worrying about damaging your material.  Lightweight, durable composite Components, removable outer piece and easy to install. 
  • An essential dust vacuum. An extremely useful tool to eliminate and collect dust in large amounts. Vacuum urethanes, paints, epoxy and coatings during grinding, leveling spots or removing old paints. Improve air quality and ventilation during work. 

Product Details:

Components: Metal

Color: Black and blue 

Size: 168mm diameter

Fits 39 to 50mm Angle Grinders

Package Includes:

1x dust shroud cover

3x locating ring

1x washer

1x wrench

1x English manual

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