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Anti-vibration Washing machine support


Provides excellent sound and vibration isolation to ensure quiet wash time 

Washing machine pads are made of durable rubber that can withstand years of washing and drying.

In addition, it can easily lift your equipment, making it easier for you to clean under the washer and dryer.

These pads are used to stabilize the machine. Reduce noise when the movement is minimized, also reduces squeaking and cooing.

 Fits all sizes of washer/dryer and can be used under the front loader or above without adding too much height.

 Multifunctional washing machine tapis: suitable for washing machines, refrigerators, cars, washing machines, dryers, sofas, tables, beds, etc.!

 Easy to install, simply attach a cushion to each tube and place it back on the floor or shelf. No glue required!


  • Material: resin fiber, TPU adhesive.
  • Inner diameter: approx. 5 cm
  • Total height: approx. 4 cm
  • Load capacity: 2.5 tons

Package includes:

  • 4 pieces * Shockproof washing machine holder.

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