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Antipruritic Stick Insect Bite Relief

Relieves insect bites itch

Antipruritic Stick Insect Bite Relief offers fast relief to the skin against mosquito bites, bee stings, spider and ants bites. It uses infrared for precise temperature control and pulsing counts to counter skin itch. Stop itching and swelling from insect bites in 10 seconds! 

  • No more need for smelly topical creams. Our Antipruritic Stick Insect Bite Relief gives alleviating warmth to stop the itch. Adjustable temperature - 40 degrees for children and 50 degrees for adults. Effective as fast as 10 seconds.  Relieve skin from itch using infrared pulses.  
  • Lightweight and very portable.  With a size of 16cm x 3cm, this insect bite relief is easy to bring and use anytime, anywhere. It’s perfect to bring anywhere especially on outdoor activities. Super lightweight at 77g which already includes the battery. It’s small and pocket-friendly so you can take it anywhere with you. 

  • One switch button. It’s one button switch is user-friendly and hassle-free for immediate use and relief. Powered by 2  AAA batteries, it is already rechargeable and can be used up to 200 times in full charge.
  • No more allergic reactions.Insect bites can cause allergic reactions, as well as topical creams on skin. Prevent skin allergies and worsening bites effects. Neutralize insect bites in 10 seconds!

Product Details:

Size: : 16cm x 3cm
Battery: 2 AAA lithium battery
Weight: 77g

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