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AquaTool+ Manual Fish Tank Pump Cleaner

Are you looking for the right cleaning tool that will simplify the process of cleaning your aquarium with ease? 

Without regular maintenance, your fish might die due to poisoning and contamination. To prevent this from happening, useAquaTool+ Manual Fish Tank Pump Cleaner.Changing the fish tank’s water from time to time is necessary for the health of your pets. 

  • Multifunctional Pump Cleaner: Features a dirt suction and sand washing siphon that protect your fish and suck debris out of your aquarium. Built-in water changing capability enables an effortless operation. Easily attach it to your faucet to fill your tank. No need to use a bucket to perform this task. Save time, effort, and eliminate the need of doing heavy lifting ever.
  • Innovative Design: Designed with a more powerful suction to provide a better user experience. Ergonomic handle provides a more comfortable grip. Equipped with an upgraded handle which provides convenience. 
  • Manual Pumping: Clean and fill the aquarium with two extension tubes, expand from 22.4 inches to a maximum of 40.9 inches.Just press the tap switch of the cleaner several times until the water flows out quickly and automatically. 
  • Suitable for All Aquariums: You won’t need to touch dirty water with your hands ever again. Use it in both large and small types of fish tanks. This cleaner includes spliced extension tubes, a two-stage splicing combination, and an extension tube that can be installed according to your need. 

    Product Details:

    Components: PP ABS

    Extended Length: 40.9 inch

    Package Includes:

    1 x Air-pressing Control Body

    2 x Extension Inlet Tube

    1 x Water Flow Clamp

    1 x Glass Scrape

    1 x Hose Fix Clamp

    1 x Outlet Hose

    1 x Extension Tube Connector

    1 x User Manual

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