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Artist’s 2-Finger Anti-Touch Gloves


Digitally draw in the most comfortable way ever!

As a drawing artist, it is very important to make your hands feel comfortable while sketching. But sometimes your fingers or palm accidentally touches the screen, ruining the masterpiece that you already made. That is why thisArtist’s 2-Finger Anti-Touch Glovesfor drawing tablets is invented. Digitally draw in the most comfortable way ever!


✍️Finish Drawings, Hassle-Free. Drawing becomes fast and easy without the disturbance of your sticky fingers or palm. Eliminate friction between your hand and the screen. Of course, continuous without hassle drawing hours will result in a perfectly finished art.

✍️Premium Lycra Fabric. Simple to wash and can be utilized repeatedly.Made from Lycra texture material that has high versatility, delicate surface, sweat assimilation, wear-safe, and breathable.

✍️Fits Either Hands. These gloves can be used for both right and left hand. It is ideal for any drawing artist that uses a touchscreen or drawing tablet for their art.Especially designed for drawing artists to no longer have to repeat their drawings.

✍️Wear and Use Anywhere. These gloves can easily be folded and be stored in your pocket. Enjoy drawing everytime while wearing these gloves!Use it anytime you want to make a drawing using your touchscreen tablet. 

Technical Details:

Components: Lycra Fabric
Color: Black

Package Included:

1 pair x Artist’s 2-Finger Anti-Touch Gloves

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