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Artsy Cakes DIY Silicone Steampunk Mold


Create unique and steampunk-themed cakes for all occasions

Love vintage-looking cakes? Create unique and steampunk-themed cakes using Artsy Cakes DIY Silicone Steampunk Mold!  Easy to use molds of figures of different sizes and designs like gears, clocks, clock hands, nuts, bolts, and more. Get crafty and creative. Perfect for making cakes for birthdays, parties, weddings, events and more.  


  • Silicone molds for handmade cake decors.Artsy Cakes DIY Silicone Steampunk Mold set is a high quality food-grade silicone mode perfect for making customized and themed cake decorations. Make steampunk cakes, cupcakes, cookies, chocolates and more.  
  • Smooth edges and detailed molds. Soft and durable silicone molds for easy taking out of sweets. Detailed and well formed figures for more realistic results. No rough edges and uneven sides. High temperature resistant silicone that can withstand 230 degrees heat and -40 freezing temperature.  
  • Delectable and professional looking cakes. Bake and assemble unique cakes. Create professional looking fondant cakes using these silicone molds as your decorating tools. Detailed shapes and exciting designs. Impress your friends, families and your customers of your creative cakes.  

Product Details:

Components: food-grade silicone
Product Weight:350g
Color: pink

Package Included:

1 x Set DIY Silicone Steampunk Mold

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