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Artsy Kids Miniature Brick Simulation Building Blocks

Let your child build a house with this DIY toy Artsy Kids Miniature Brick Simulation Building Blocks.

It’s a hands on 3D toy that enhances your child’s spatial thinking ability through constructing a brick home from scratch using miniature tools and items - complete with brick pieces, cement, plate, tiles and more. Who knows, you might just have an aspiring engineer or architect at home. 

        • Fun constructing toys.
Artsy Kids Miniature Brick Simulation Building Blocks is a complete set of miniature tools for building a house.  Something beyond a puzzle and stacking sorts out. Your youngster will figure out how to blend concrete, stack blocks, and utilize different devices to make a divider and assemble a house.

      • Teach step-by-step assemble construction.

Not only does it enhance your child’s 3D spatial thinking, but also helps develop patience and focus. It’s a great toy for teaching every step of constructing a house. Build model houses that you can keep for a long time. Each set comes with 8 kinds of bricks that are made of mud. Soak bricks for 2 hours for repeated use. 

        • An educational and hands on toy.

This brick toy provides a 360-degree perception of stereo space and the perfect toy for introducing geometry, construction process and installation of doors and windows process. Suitable for kids 6 years old and above. It’s a fun toy to improve parent-child relationships. If you’re an architect, engineer or construction worker, this toy will help you tell your kids what you do. 

Product Details:

Components: Mud, plastic

Product Size:  36 × 28 × 8cm

Color: red

Package Included:

1×cement mortar, bottom plate, large and small tiles, doors, windows

3× triangular prism brick

1× cylindrical brick

10× arched brick

149×long brick

27× standard brick

27× triangle brick

1× small bowl, small spoon, knife, shovel

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