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AutoDOC+ Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench


Time saving tool for oil filter replacement

Replacing your vehicle’s oil filter is a must when you do an oil change. However, these filters are usually tightened into position and cannot be loosened by hand or by using a regular wrench. This is where theAutoDOC+ Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench comes in handy. Designed to remove and install oil filters quickly and easily using the pull spring design. Remove the oil filter in cars, vans, and other vehicles without causing damage. 


  • Adjustable Size: You may require an oil filter wrench for small filters or for larger ones. After you determine what size of filter you have, then you can determine the proper wrench for the job. Our oil filter wrench is available in 2 sizes that can be adjusted from 60 to 80mm or 80 to 105mm. Simply choose the size you need. Use it with ½ inch(12.5x12.5mm) square drive tools.

  • Solid Grip: This filter wrench has teeth with a solid grip. With a strong hold, it shouldn't be too hard for you to remove the oil filter cap. It holds up to half of the filter reducing its risk of slipping and damage. Remove even the greasy and jammed oil filters!

  • Convenient & Time-Saving: Oil filters have various diameters. The adjustable feature of this wrench makes it the most convenient and time saving tool for replacing oil filters. The extended spring installed on the wrench makes the mobile rod easily adjust.

  • Easy to Use: Now more than ever, changing an oil filter is not difficult if you have this easy to use AutoDOC+ Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench. It does not slip and has a solid grip. Remove extremely tight oil filters with little effort!

Product Details:

Components: Cast Steel
Color: Black
Drive Size: 1/2 "
Operating Range: 60-80mm/80-105mm
Net weight: 450g

Package Included:

1 x AutoDOC+ Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench

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