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AutoHydro Fish Tank Water Replenisher


Every fish lover has fish tanks where they put their different kinds of fish pets.

Cleaning, replenishing and regulating water levels always matter when taking care of your fish. There will be times that you'll be too busy from doing all of these tasks. With the AutoHydro Fish Tank Water Replenisher no more hassle of replenishing water for your fish tanks while you're away. Let your pet fishes always have the best water condition and perfect water level every day!

  • High-Quality Durable Material: This device will surely last longer than any other water replenisher as this is made of high-quality material. No worries of accidentally dropping as it will hold its place. Everything you need including the complete accessories which contains the pipe, silicone sealing cover, aquarium wall pasteboard, and adhesive glue.
  • Human Noise Reduction Setting:The pointed structure above the air intake cuts the bubble that can enter. Relieve resonance with the safe and stable structure of the water replenisher’s center. Changing tanks from the old one to a newer tank can never be easier! This water replenisher fits most kinds of tanks and has a function of adjusting the water level.
  • Small, Convenient and Portable:This AutoHydro Fish Tank Water Replenisher has a small size that allows you to carry this device wherever you go. You won't need any screws nor drilling, making this device easy to install in most types of aquarium.

    Product Details:

    Components: Plastic

    Color: White, Green, Red, Blue

    Size: 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.5cm

    Packaged Includes:

    1 set Fish Tank Automatic Water Replenisher

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