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Automatic Cat Chasing Ball


Automatic Cat Chasing Ball

Keep your cat entertained for hours with this Automatic Cat Chasing Ball! An interactive toy, they’ll surely get up on their feet and enjoy every second of playtime.

  • Runs in all directions - Unpredictable, your cat will never get tired playing with this toy. It runs in different directions all the time like it has a mind of its own!
  • Auto shut-off - When you press the power button twice, the ball will turn on and play with your cat for 10 minutes then automatically shuts off.
  • It glows! - It invigorates your cat’s natural play drive with its light just like laser beams. Together with the feather on a pole that is attached to the ball, this is a toy that they can't resist the urge to pursue!
  • No impact damage - It is made of impact-resistant material that won’t damage your walls, too no matter how many times they bump into it.


  • Components: ABS and impact-resistant PP
  • Power source: 3 x AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Ball circumference: 9cm

Package includes

  • 1 x Automatic Cat Chasing Ball

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