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AutoTEC Snow & Sun Windshield Cover

If you have a car, you will surely relate to how annoying it is to scrape snow off your car’s windshield every time you have to go out on snowy days.

Same thing when nothing becomes more irritating than a car with a hot interior on a sunny day. A good way to protect your car from the snow and sun is to invest in thisAutoTEC Snow & Sun Windshield Cover.

  • Quick Prevention to Scraping SnowWith this cover, you only have to take them out from the windshield before driving off. A procedure that shouldn’t take more than a minute or so. Winter or sunny seasons are inevitable but you can control how much the season will affect your car’s windscreen because it does not have to. 
  • All-Season Full Protection: Produced with quality aluminum film for weatherproof durability. USafeguard the car against frost, snow, or ice piled up on the windshield in winter or keeping the car cool in summer. Preventing the dust in spring or removing fallen leaves away in autumn. Really perfect to utilize it for any season. 
  • Unique Double-Sided Design: Safely secured with 6 pieces of strong magnets. Ensure the cover stays securely in place in strong winds without scratching your car. Mirror cover helps the windshield cover to be more stabilized. In winter, choose the black side to absorb the heat and prevent the windshield from freezing. In summer, select the silver side to be applied as a sun visor to lessen the heat and lower the temperature.
  • Easy to Install and Store: ThisAutoTEC Snow & Sun Windshield Cover can be installed in a few minutes. Comes with a storage bag, this snow cover folds down to a fraction of its size and can be easily placed in the trunk or glove compartment. No tool and an extra hand is required. 
  • Universal Size: Measures 210 x 125 cm, this windshield cover canvases the entirety of your windshield as well as windshield wipers. Virtually fits almost any car whether compact car, mid or full-size sedan, van, SUV, or pickup truck. Great for almost any make and model vehicle.

Product Details:

Components: Aluminium Film

Use: Front and Rear Car Windshield

Size: 210cm x 125cm

Package Included: 

1 x AutoTEC Snow & Sun Windshield Cover

1 x storage bag

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