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AviaToy Flying Balloon Helicopter

There’s something about the sight of colorful balloons that makes kids feel thrilled.

 Grab the attention of your little ones and keep them entertained with this attention-grabbingAviaToy Flying Balloon Helicopter.This simple and old-fashioned fun toy balloon that is attached to a propeller will take off flying, spinning, and whistling. A great alternative to hi-tech toys and has an educational value at the same time. 

  • A Classic Toy with Mass Appeal:Made from ABS and rubber with different colors. This toy is great for all ages. Launching the balloon helicopter in the air is very simple. Without the need for batteries, all kids will definitely have fun, good vibes and high energy. Watch them play with their  friends and see who can fly their toy the highest!
  • Basic Science Toy: The air escaping from the balloon forces the blades to rotate. The rotating blades provide lift and propel the helicopter high into the air. It converts a normal balloon into a clever flying machine. Kids will get to practice some basic construction skills. Let them set the three propellers on the tube then attach it to the blown balloon. Watch it fly up and release a pleasant whistle sound.
  • Party Favor Stuffer: A sure hit for kids. Blowing balloons is one favorite activity in any children’s party. But a balloon that has wings is even more fun and exciting. Level up your parties by giving this as a party favor! Suitable to play by both boys and girls for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Educational Benefits for Kids: This teaches them hand-eye coordination, learns more about timing and wind influence. A bit of imagination and more practice is needed to make the helicopter rise into the air. Kids will be sure to get the hang of how to launch the AviaToy Flying Balloon Helicopter instantly.

Product Details:

Components: ABS, Rubber

Color: Random

Expanded Size: 28 x 28cm

Package Includes:

2 x Balloon

3 x Propeller

1 x Tube

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