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Baby Safety Car Mirror

Extra peace of mind while driving


  • Shatterproof, scratch-resistant glass and a durable plastic frame, crash-tested for safety assurance 
  • Has a ball and socket for 360°rotation and adjustable viewing angle
  • Extra-wide view of your child or baby in the back seat for some peace of mind
  • Dual strap system featuring heavy-duty straps to secure mirror in place 
  • Straps come with easy install and easily tighten clasps
  • Acrylic glass for a crystal clear view
  • Can be used on any vehicle with a backseat including trucks

Check on your baby or child while keeping your eyes on the road!

This Baby Safety Mirror gives additional assurance and peace of mind that you and your most precious cargo will arrive at your destination safely and securely.

Installation tips:

  1. Clip and adjust vertical clasp first before proceeding to the horizontal clasp for support
  2. When adjusting the mirror angle, sit on the driver’s seat and ask someone to move the mirror into the best position for you


Mirror dimensions:11.4 x 7.5 x 1.2 in                                                                   Components: Shatterproof mirror



1x Baby Safety Car Mirror

Arrive safe and sound!

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