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DMZ Home Car Ball Extractor Tool

Essential tools in your car repair kit

This DMZ Home Car Ball Extractor Tool can extract and separate the ball joint from the spindle support arm fast and with ease. It's a fundamental expansion to your vehicle fix pack that helps eliminate difficult swiveling appendages, tie pole finishes, and pitman's arms. Adjustable for different size ball joints and designed for a wide range of vehicles. 


  • Remove stubborn ball joints. Made from industrial grade alloy that can take on even the most stubborn ball joints. Adjustable and can open from 1-1/8" up  to 2-1/8". Extract with its 7/8" slot and universally compatible with 5/16" socket. 

  • Universally compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Highly compatible car repair tool kit for domestic and import front wheel drive vehicles. Pack includes a pitman arm remover, ball joint separator, or tie rod end puller. Suitable for compact cars, mid-size cars and light pickup trucks.

  • For DIY repairs and professional use. Emergency repairs? No problem. Extract and replace beat tie rods and ball joints with ease. DMZ Home Car Ball Extractor Tool is perfect for amateur and professional car repairs. Easy and straightforward tools to use. These are specialty tools meant to handle even the toughest car repairs. 

Product Details:

Components: carbon steel

Package Included:

1x Pitman Arm And Tie Rod End Puller
1x Pitman Arm Puller                                                                                                         1x Ball Joint Separator
1x Conical Pitman Arm Puller

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