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BallControl Football Training Belt

Football has always been a sport played by a group of people and it makes it difficult to train by yourself. 

Having to chase the ball by yourself is a waste of time and energy. You can now practice your kicking more with theBallControl Football Training Belt. The equipment that will help you chase less and practice more!

  • Improve Overall Football Skills: The best equipment to improve your shooting, passes, juggling, and ball control. Train by yourself or even with friends. Chase less after the ball and focus more on developing your skills. Time to kick it up a notch and become a professional football player in no time!
  • Highly Durable Sparring Elastic Strap:  Easy installation that even children can do themselves. Simply hold the ball wrapped by the strap and fix the other end of the football training belt on the waist. Made of high-quality nylon with an integrated design that makes it durable enough to withstand thousands of hits and kicks. 
  • For Beginners to Professional: A portable training aid with only 120g weight and 12m length to bring it anywhere you train. Hone your skills rapidly or simply warm up before a match. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or already professional, this BallControl Football Training Belt is the ideal tool for anyone. 

    Product Details:

    Components: High-Quality Elastic Nylon

    Color: Yellow

    Stretch Length:12M (Max)

    Weight: 120g

    Package Included:

    1 x BallControl Football Training Belt

    Note: Football Training Belt does not include football!

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