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BAP Gummy Bear & Letters Resin Molds Set

Create unique and personalized accessories in gummy bear and alphabet letters designs.

BAP Gummy Bear & Letters Resin Molds is a DIY silicone molding kit that comes in 3D gummy bears and letter designs. Make endless keyholders, necklaces, bracelets, labels, jewelry, accessories and other DIY handicrafts in different colors. Personalize and customize your gifts for your family and friends. 

  • Mold in 3D shapes and details. Gummy bear pendant, bracelet, earrings or letters of your name initials in unique colors? BAP Gummy Bear & Letters Resin Molds is the perfect DIY handicraft mold for these types of projects. Epoxy resin molds for jewelry and accessory making. 
  • DIY handmade 3D crafts. This handicraft kit comes with bear molds, letter mold,  rhinestones, keychains,  hand drill, epoxy resin, eye pin, split rings, and more. Create as many accessories as you want. Have fun molding gummy bears in your favorite colors and in 2 different sizes. 
  • Personalize and customize your gifts. Impress your friends with your personalized gift. Perfect for those who like handicrafts or want their gifts a personal touch. Great for DIY jewelry making.  Get creative! Mix and match your colors and designs as much as you want. 

Product Details:

Components: Silicone, epoxy resin

Package Included:

2 X Gummy Bear Molds

1 X Letter Mold

4 X Color Paste

4 X Crown Accessories

10 X Dropper

1 X B600 Glue

1 X Glitter

10 X Open Jump Split Rings

10 X Eye Pin

2 X 50 Ml Measure Cup

1 X Rhinestone

4 X Keychain

1 X Hand Drill

5 X Stirring Rod

1 X 60ml Epoxy Resin

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