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Bathroom Toiletries Organizer - Drill Free Wall Mount

To start our day with & and end our night with, we all love a TIDY wash area in our bathroom. How about a PRACTICAL, MODERN and BEAUTIFUL storage shelf?

Keep TIDY in a small, dry and neat arrangement for all our toothbrushes, toothpaste, cups, cleaners and bottles.


MAGNETIC CUP HOLDER: Strengthened magnet ensures that the cups are firmly fixed to the holder, never dropping or picked up easily. Each compartment is well-designed without knocking on any components for convenient pick-up.

ANTI-DUST DESIGN: Upside-down Anti-dust and quick water drainage inverted cup design. The hidden toothbrush holder removes dust from the toothbrushes and holds the toothbrushes dry at the same time through the venting hole.

DAMAGE-FREE WALL MOUNT: No drill holes, no equipment required for trouble, no sticky residue. Simple wall mounting with a high-load adhesive strip that can accommodate up to 6 kg, holding your toiletries secure and stable.

BIG CAPACITY: 2 or 3 cups (350ml) of toothbrush holders, ideal for family use. Up to 6 pcs of toothbrushes will match the organizer. Toothpaste, shaver, face cleaner, makeup, etc. may be placed in On a large countertop with a hole in the drain. In addition, to store other small accessories, an Extra Drawer is made.

SLOT FOR PHONE: a sleek slot specially built to place the phone in a standing position. Convenient for placing a phone, ipad, notebook, tab, etc. Without being obscured or obstructed by other compartments in the front. To keep it free from water, the slot is also elevated taller than other compartments.

ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS: Manufacture of ABS material of high quality and environmental quality. No scent for long-term use, non-toxic, clean, waterproof and sturdy.


The actual manual measurement size may have some errors. The actual size is subject to the actual product.

 Due to different lighting and shooting conditions, the color of the picture may differ slightly from the actual product. Please refer to the actual product. 


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