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Beard Thickening Kit

Free The Beard, Respect The Beard


  • Strengthens roots, thickens hair
  • Supports healthy hair & beard growth
  • Transforms dormant follicles into active growth

Our Beard Thickening Kit comes with everything you need to grow and maintain the beard that you've always wanted. Our derma roller stimulates the roots below the skin, awakening and encouraging the dormant follicles to become active and grow. 

Our patented beard oil uses natural ingredients like castor and coconut oil to moisturize and add nutrients to the new hairs, allowing for faster and thicker growth. This combination results in new growth faster and fuller that fills in patches and bald spots.

It's so effective, that it can even be used to recover lost hair on the head with the same results. By stimulating and nourishing dormant hair follicles, you can start to see fuller and thicker hair in just a few weeks with daily usage.

41% of men between the ages of 35-44 fear going bald, now you can reverse the effects while growing an amazing beard in the process!


Net Volume: 40g
Size: 10.5 * 2.7cm / 4.13 * 1.06 inch


1 x Beard Oil
1 x Derma Roller

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