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Tree Fairy Lights Spirit Tree

Light up your life and add a touch of fairy-like elegance to your bedroom with thisTree Fairy Lights Spirit Tree.


Featuring a unique bonsai-style design with adjustable branches and a natural tree shape. Adding one of these statement-makers makes any boring space a stunning corner. This Tree Fairy Lights Spirit Tree creates a magical and comfy bedroom atmosphere. Change the whole look and feel of your room instantly!

Adjustable Branches for Easy-Decor:

    A truly nice centerpiece for any table with magical effect for any modern indoor home. Satisfy your personal DIY needs with the adjustable branches. Bend the branches and twigs into any shape you like. Spread the branches apart for full bloom, or cluster them together for a sleek silhouette. 

    USB or Battery Powered:

    This tree light can be powered by 3 AA batteries or by USB cord. The round-shaped stand provides a stable base for long-term display without being tipped over or scratching the table surfaces. Its trunk and branches are wrapped in gold-colored tape for a more elegant look and a no safety hazard environment. Long-lasting LED bulbs also stay cool to touch even after long-time use.

    Long-Lasting Six-Hour Timer:

      The light features a switch that allows you to turn the light on and off, or choose a timer function to have shut off automatically. On the TIMER position, the light can be left on for 6 hours and then remains off for 18 hours, only to light up again for another 6 hours automatically. When the timer is not in use, just turn it ON or OFF just like a regular light.


      Perfect Gift or Event Decor:

        Enhance any party, dinner, or use as a decorative lamp. Ideal for a wedding ceremony, Christmas, New Year, or any party decorations. Just as much as you would love to have them displayed in your room, it’s the same feeling of love and appreciation your friends would feel if you gift them this Tree Fairy Lights Spirit Tree. 


        Product Details:

        Power Supply: USB DC 5V / Battery 3xAA 1.5V

        Components: ABS + Wrapping tape + Copper wire

        Luminous Flux:1000 (LM)

        Height: Approx 45-50 CM

        Base Diameter: Approx 12CM

        Package Includes:

        1x Sparkly Tree

        1x USB Cable Line

        1x Switch Base

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