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BigFam Blindfold Dookie Stepping Game Mat

A sure hit game for kids and family

BigFam Blindfold Dookie Stepping Game Mat is a game that will challenge everyone. Hilariously fun novelty game for kids and adults. Watch out where you step on!  Step on the mat and dodge the dookies on the way! The excitement of not knowing what you get on every step makes this game fun and exhilarating. 


💩Super easy game to play. igFam Blindfold Dookie Stepping Game Mat is quite simple. Let your kids set up and break the game. Watch them have a hilarious fun time playing. B The goal is to cross the length of mat while dodging the dookies as you step on it blindfolded. 

💩Everyone can play this game.  Fun family game for all ages. Each individual from the family can play this game - grown-ups, kids and even babies. It's acceptable family fun during vacation. Dookies are made of playdoh and plastic mats. Safe to be played by everyone at home.  

💩Hilariously fun game.It's a seriously fun game that makes everyone crack up. A sure hit for kids and family, it’s a great entertainment game for parties too. Mold the dookies and place them as traps on the mat. Watch the player cross the mat without stepping on the mat. It’s a laugh out loud game and silly fun for everyone. 

Product Details:

Components: Clay, plastic
Product Size: 60x170cm
Product Weight: 329g

Package Included:

1 x Blindfold Dookie Stepping Game Mat
1 x spinner board
1 x blind fold
4 x cups of clay dookie
1 x molder

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