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BilliardPRO 5-in-1 Cue Tip Repair Kit

A regular cue tip servicing job would easily cost you over $20 and not to forget the frequent repair and maintenance the tip may require.

Over time the tip of your cue stick would mushroom up, would need to shape and fix it. This is where theBilliardPRO 5-in-1 Cue Tip Repair Kit comes in handy. Changing a pool cue tip yourself not only spares you money but also allows you to customize your cue set up to your exact preference.

  • Say Goodbye to Miscue: This small and easy-to-use kit is quintessential for any serious player. It enables you to re-tip your cue seamlessly and swiftly. And as you would already know, a perfectly done tip allows you to be more accurate and consistent with your strokes. In the kit, you get tools like a sander, cutter, shaper, etc. to flawlessly get the job done. 
  • Well Designed Functions:The choice of professional players.It offers the following functions: shaper, scuffer, burnisher, aerator, and radius comparison.
    Made of high-quality rubber, aluminum, and plastic, this is an all in one maintenance tool. Provides all you need to keep your cue tip in great looking and performing condition. 
  • Cue Tip Scuffer:Most new tips come with a finish that needs to be scuffed off. The purpose of the scuffer side is simply to roughen up the surface of the tip to maintain its chalk retention.
  • Cue Tip Shaper:The help of the shaper side is to contour the tip to the preferred dome curvature you are comfortable with.
  • Cue Tip Aerator:The work of the aerator is to basically break up the surface of the tip when it is new or has been compressed after being used for a while. Gently roll the aerator over the tip piercing the tip with small pinholes so it will hold more chalk. 
  • Burnisher: The use of the burnisher is to assure that the tip stays evenly aligned with the ferrule and shaft as it gets compressed after being used for a while.
  • Tip Radian Comparison: With the 8 different radius gauge of this BilliardPRO 5-in-1 Cue Tip Repair Kit, it will help you precisely get the perfect tip radius that you want.

Product Details:

Components: Rubber + Plastic + Aluminum

Package Included: 

1 x BilliardPRO 5-in-1 Cue Tip Repair Kit

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