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BilliardPRO Cue Load Bolt


Fine-tune the load of your pool cue!

If you’re looking for ways to fine-tune the weight of your pool cue, then this BilliardPRO Cue Load Bolt will definitely do the trick. When it comes to selecting a pool cue, one of the most disregarded considerations is the cue’s weight. The weight of your cue can significantly vary how well you establish control of the cue ball as well as how accurate your shots are in general. 


  • Achieve Desired Cue Weight:If you’re having trouble drawing the ball, then it’s possible your cue is too heavy. If you have trouble controlling the cue ball, maybe your cue is too light. It is worth keeping in mind that pool cue weights can be changed or altered by using these cue weight bolts. These weight bolts are stackable so it is easier to get the exact desired cue weight.
  • High-quality Steel Material: Customize the feel of your cue by adding or subtracting weight bolts from the butt. Choose from weights of 0.35oz, 0.9oz, 1.0oz, 1.4oz, 1.85oz, and 2.35oz. These cue weight bolts are made of premium steel. Consists of a threaded hollow space under the butt cap where these weights thread into the cue. 
  • Super Easy to Install: Just pop off the butt cap from the butt end of your cue and with the use of a 6mm Hex Key or Allen Wrench Tool (not included). Extract the old bolt out and then screw the new one in. Adjusting the weight on your cue could be the factor of winning or losing a game.

Product Details:

Components: Steel
Weight: 0.35oz, 0.9oz, 1.0oz, 1.4oz, 1.85oz, and 2.35oz

Package Included:

1 x BilliardPRO Cue Load Bolt

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