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BLO-C DIY Dragons EVA Blocks


Encourage your child’s imagination, creativity and motor skills by assembling different magical creatures and dinosaurs they like

BLO-C  DIY Dragons EVA Blocks is a unique foam 3D building block puzzle made of foam pieces and plastic connectors. It allows your child to assemble and stack pieces together to form different figures and forms. It’s a fun, safe and entertaining way to help your child develop cognitive abilities.

    • Allow your child’s endless creativity. BLO-C  DIY Dragons EVA Blocks comes in a different number of building blocks from 60, 122 or 235 pieces. The foams come in different colors and shapes allowing your child to assemble, rotate and stack them in different figures or one super size dinosaur or dragon figure. 
    • Develop your child’s cognitive abilities.  This building block puzzle comes in a variety of colors and shapes that allows your kids to practice and enhance their logical thinking, motor skills and nitive skills.  cogPerfect for kid’s STEM development. 
    • Foam building blocks for toddlers. Fun, safe and water-resistant! Made from non-recycled, nontoxic, lightweight and high quality EVA foam blocks and plastic connectors. They are water-resistant so your kids can play with them even during bath time. No wood, no sharp edges and no splinters.  You can allow your kids to play without worries. 
    • Let your child follow instructions or their creativity.  You can teach and play with your child to create super size dragon or dinosaur figures or let them create their own using their imagination and creativity.  Mix and match, rotate and stack pieces together. 

Product Details:

Components: High density EVA foam 

Product Size: 12 x 3 x 10 inches

Product Weight: 14.1 ounces / 400 grams

Color: multicolor

Package Included:

1 x set of DIY Dragons EVA Blocks (60,122, 235 pieces)

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