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BounceZ Portable Dog Bouncer


Give your furbaby its own rocking chair

BounceZ Portable Dog Bouncer is your convenient, foldable and on-the-go dog bouncer chair. Designed with three gears for adjustable height perfect for dogs of all sizes. It’s a comfortable and supportive place for your furry baby to sit, play and relax.  Provide your pet dog the most comfortable seats. 



  • Better than his sleeping cradle or floor mat.BounceZ Portable Dog Bouncer is a foldable, height-adjustable chair and bed for your dog. It provides your dog another alternative place to rest, play and just laze around instead of just the floor, ground or pillow. Give your furbaby its own rocking chair. 
  • Convenient and travel-friendly bouncer.Everything is just easy with this pet bouncer chair! It’s easy to assemble, fold, adjust, set up and easy to store away as well. Travel-friendly and portable it fits your car trunk and takes less space. Provide your dog its sweet spot whether you’re indoor or outdoor.  Great to set up in parks, beaches, lawn, backyards and indoor venues. 

  • A sweet and comfortable spot for your pet dog.Made from breathable mesh material. It provides a comfortable and well-ventilated spot for your pet dog. Easy to wash and clean to maintain good pet hygiene. It comes in 3 different sizes - medium, large and extra large  with different weight capacity of up to 55 kgs to provide your pet a safe and strong supportive chair. 

Product Details:

Components: steel, mesh fabric

Product Size: 

M: 39 x 88 x 78 x 42cm /15KG(33lbs)

L:  45 x 96 x 98 x 45cm /20KG(44lbs)

XL: 55 x 105 x 112 x 50 /30KG(55lbs)

Color: red, black, 

Package Included:

1 x Portable Dog Bouncer

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