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Bowl and Tray Template Router Bit


Carve uniform round nose template

Make amazing round nose plunging and pattern and template routing up to 2-3/4-Inch deep using our Bowl and Tray Template Router Bit. The precise, accurate, and uniformed depth works with fewer vibrations and kickbacks. Sharp and made of carbide materials that last. It’s the best tool you can use for making bowls and dishes. 


  • Make smaller and intricate woodwork. Our Bowl and Tray Template Router Bit is a great tool to carve round noses, plunging and pattern and template routing with smooth finish. Perfect for making small bowls, trays, boxes, dishes and other craft items. 

  • Recreate template in uniform. Measuring at 1/4" shank, 1-1/8" width;5/8" depth and 1/4" radius makes it easier to create a template that is precise, accurate and uniform. It’s high precision balanced makes the cutting sharper and runs smoother. 

  • Made to last and heavy use.Made of C3 micro-grain carbide cutters with build-up, heat resistant teflon coating and designed with 8mm bearing guide to withstand long use. It cuts through plywood, hardwood, and soft wood pieces. Easy to use even for woodworking beginners. 

Product Details:

Shank Size: 1/4-Inch
Radius: 1/4-Inch
Cutting Diameter: 1-1/8-Inch
Cutting Length: 5/8-Inch
Balance: +/- .003"tolerance
Blade Components: Industrial Grade Micro Grain Carbide
Body Components: Solid Hardened Steel

Package Included: 

 1 x Bowl and Tray Template Router Bit

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