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BS2TY 4 Fork Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Pencil

Light brown
dark brown
red brown
grey brown

 Realistic eyebrow fillers

Natural-looking, no smudge, no fading and long-lasting BS2TY 4 Fork Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Pencil. The 4 fork tip offers an impressive natural eyebrow hair effect that resists water and fading. Glam up and stay out all day and all night without the need for touch-ups. Define your eyebrows like you had a microblading! 


  • Fill your eyebrows naturally.Make your makeup routine faster and more convenient by adding this  BS2TY 4 Fork Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Pencil to your eyebrow fillers. Create a microblading and more natural look with its fork-like tips. Smudge-proof on all skin types. Natural and fine strokes. 

  • Make your eyebrows last all day.  This eyebrow tattoo pencil is the perfect daily eyebrow filler. It holds strong for hours and all night without the need for touch up. Waterproof and long-lasting. Yet, it’s easy to remove so no worries if you make a mistake during filling.

  • Realistic eyebrow fillers. Go to school, work, party, or enjoy a casual day with a neatly finished eyebrows. Match your skin tone from the 5 colors available  -  light brown, dark brown, red brown, gray brown and black. Smooth and even fine strokes that produce natural 3D eyebrow makeup. Fill your eyebrows and be confident. 

Product Details:

Product Size: 5g

Color: light brown,dark brown,red brown,gray brown,black

Package Included:

1 x 4 Fork Tip Eyebrow Tattoo Pencil

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