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C&CN Antique Coin Polish Cream

Bring back your old coins’ shine

C&CN Antique Coin Polish Cream is your all-purpose polishing cream. Polish and preserve your antique coin collection. Polish your coin without leaving any damage. Bring back the shiny luster of your coin collection. Applicable to metal surfaces like copper, brass, chrome, sterling silver, aluminum, stainless steel, gold, and more. 


✨Make your old coins shiny again.  Bring back the shiny reflection by using C&CN Antique Coin Polish Cream. A small amount of this cream on the coin’s surfaces will make it look like new and give it a long-lasting shine. Polish your antique coins back to their original shine and luster.  Remove tarnish, grime, discoloration, oxidation and rust that makes your coin collection look blurry and old. 

✨Non-scratch polishing solution. Keep your coins in great condition while removing every bit of grime on the surface. Apply a small amount of the polish cream, leave to dry for a few minutes and wipe it off with any fabric. No more harsh chemicals or painstaking scrubbing. It works on many metal surfaces including copper, brass, silver, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, gold and more! 

✨Restore your antique collection.Not just for coins, but you can also restore any metal antique items like instruments, kitchenware, furniture handles, decorative pieces and more. Save time, money and save your priceless heirlooms and collection from getting ruined by time. 

✨Shine every metal surface in your house.Made of thick paste of metal polish. It offers numerous benefits around your home. Clean and polish not just your antiques but also other metals such as door knobs, handles, chandeliers and more. One tube contains 10 grams which is more than enough to clean your wide collection. 

Product Details:

Components: non-abrasive metal polish cream
Product Size: 10g
Color: gold

Package Included:

1 x set Antique Coin Polish Cream (3 Pcs)

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