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Car Back Rear Mesh Trunk


Organize and maximize the trunk's space by using Car Back Rear Mesh Trunk. Elastic net and holds well on the car wall or backside of the rear seat. Keep small things neat and easy to reach. Don’t turn your car trunk into a garbage bin! 

  • Give your trunk more room for bigger stuff.
    Give more modest heaps their own space for capacity in your trunk. Space ought to be saved for greater and heavier things. Jars, jugs, tickets, and little things have a place in the vehicle trunk flexible capacity sack. 

  • Sticks without any hassle.
    Velcro tapes and elastic net that stick and hold well on all sides. Strong, elastic and doesn’t fall off even if you’re on a bumpy ride. No clanging sounds in the trunk as you drive.

  • Something so simple yet very functional.
    Easy to install, simple design, strong materials. You don’t need anything fancy to keep your car neat and organized. A car trunk elastic storage bag will suffice.

  • Open your trunk with confidence.
    Other people are just too ashamed to open their trunks widely because of the clutter inside. Declutter and organize your things neatly. Make them wonder where you got your Car Back Rear Mesh Trunk instead.

Product Details

  • Component: Nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Size: approx:39*24.5cm

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