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Car Seat Headrest and Neck Cushion


Reduce neck and back discomfort during a long drive

Using our Car Seat Headrest Cushion, you can now reduce neck and back pain and drive comfortably! Ergonomically designed memory foam to provide support and comfort to your neck and back. It's a fundamental extra to your vehicle seat that makes the driving experience relaxing. 


  • Maintain good posture while driving. Long sitting and driving puts pressure on the neck and lower back pain. Give your neck and spine the proper support to maintain good posture by using Car Seat Headrest Neck Cushion. It’s made of memory foam that conforms to the shape of the neck and shoulders. 
  • Breathable fabric and materials. Washable external cover to keep it clean and free from dust and sweat. Made from soft memory cotton and breathable cloth cover to give your back the needed comfort and ventilation.. 
  • Easy to install add on.Single strap on for easy installation and removal of the headrest cushion. It comes in 2 different sizes  -  Medium -  36 x 30cm and Small - 22 x 30cm to fit your car seat and physique well. Choose from 2 colors - black and milk to match your car’s aesthetics. 

Product Details:

Product size: Medium - 36 x 30cm  / Small - 22 x 30cm
Product weight: 11.7 ounces
Color: Black, Brown, Beige, Red                                                                                 Components: PU leather, mesh,  memory foam

Package Included: 

1 xCar Seat Headrest Cushion

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