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CarMax Carbon Fiber Door Sill Protector Sticker


Protect your inner door sill

Decorate your door still while keeping it protected with the CarMax Carbon fiber Door Sill Protector Sticker. Perfect for all types and brands of automobiles. It’s a stick-on carbon fiber vinyl protective cover for your car’s door plate to prevent any scratches, stains and wear signs. 


  • Sleek automobile aesthetic.Prevent dust, mud and soil when entering your car. Protect your inner door sill and cover signs of scratches, stains and wearing. CarMax Carbon fiber Door Sill Protector Sticker is made from carbon fiber vinyl and high performance adhesive so stays in place even when stepped on continuously. 

  • Low maintenance car decor.Waterproof surface protects your car sill from splashes, rain and even snow. Highly temperature -resistant so you can open and enter your car smoothly on a hot summer or cold winter day. It wicks away water and is very easy to clean.

Easy to install and easy to remove.Quick and easy to remove. It works like a car decal. Just peel off and stick on the door sill. You get a reflective protector that keeps dirt away while keeping your car looking sleek and neat. It comes in different sizes for the front and rear doors. Safe to use and removable without damaging the car's paint or leaving any residue when removed. 

Product Details:

Product Size: Front door:  60cmx 7cm / Rear door: 40cmx7cm
Product Weight: 50 g
Color: Black                                                                                                             Components: carbon fiber vinyl, adhesive

Package Included:

2 x Carbon fiber Door Sill Protector Sticker (front)
2 x Carbon fiber Door Sill Protector Sticker (rear)

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