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Catch-N-Toss™ Paddle Game

Prepare to be entertained for hours!

Perfect for rainy days, camping trips, overnight beach getaways, or when you just have to kill time. It can likewise be played alone, by sets, or you can get a bundle and play as groups! You and your kids will not have a dull moment when you have this bad boy around!

Taylor Toy Pop and Catch Indoor Game for Kids - Hand Ping-Pong ...


  • Get the kids out of the house - With this Catch-N-Toss™ Paddle game, they’ll drop their video game controllers and get moving on the lawn, under the sun! See your kids play and  have fun outside the house without you begging them to. 
  • Mom’s expensive vase approved! - The ball is light, similar to a pingpong ball, you won’t worry about your expensive china and frames getting broken when hit. It can be played indoors, too! 
  • Knows no age - This game will keep both young and old entertained for hours. You don’t need to exert effort to send the balls flying. Plus, it’s a good game to play during your family game nights.
  • 100% hassle free - Bring it with you whenever you go out on a trip. Carry it in your bag or in your car. It weighs next to nothing and doesn’t take up much space. 


  • Paddle dimensions: 18cm x 21cm
  • Components: ABS Plastic & Tear-resistant Nylon Fabric

Package includes:


  • 2 x Paddles
  • 4 x Balls

Your Catch-N-Toss™ Paddle Tournament awaits!


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