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ChildSAFE Anti-Collision Edge Protector

Light Brown

Child injuries involving slamming their head on the furniture edges happen in just a split of seconds.

Protect your baby from the dangers of sharp edges and corners with this ChildSAFE Anti-Collision Edge Protector. When these things happen, your heart almost stops wondering what to do and where to start. As a parent, tracking your toddlers becomes a hassle and you might feel like you need two sets of eyes. 

  • Safe and Secure Home: With this edge protector, you can give them a safe and secure space to develop their independence.  Concentrate more on the laughs and less on the ouchies. Make your home safe and accident-free. Feel comfortable giving your child a little more freedom. 
  • Total Protection: Ensure that the side and corner of any furniture will be fully protected. Provide strong protection for your baby and reduce shock injuries. Childproof sharp edges on any tough surface or furniture in your home including desks, tables, countertops, and walls. Keep your running, climbing, and jumping kids safe wherever they are in the house.
  • No Mess, No Residue, No Ouchies: Comes with easy-to-peel double-sided white tape. Adheres securely to surfaces and can be removed easily. No tools, no drills, and damage-free. Turn your office into a classroom for homeschooling or protect your child’s room while you are working from home.
  • High Density and Full Coverage: Ultra-thick, high-density, edge guard, absorb impact that protects your children from sharp edges and corners. This 200cm cushioning foam provides a safer impact where the baby needs it most. The material of the product is high-density foam which can be repeatedly squeezed or pulled and will not easily deform.
  • Various Colors to Choose: A variety of colors are suitable for all living and home environments and occasions. Wooden and glass tables, chairs, counters, fireplaces, stairs, shelves, kitchens, bedroom stairs, bedside tables and etc. This will protect the safety of the elderly and children. You can likewise shield the furniture from shocks and scrapes when moving it.

Product Details:

Components: High-Density Foam

Color: Beige / Light Brown / Brown / Black / White

Size: 200cm (Length)

Package Included:

1 x ChildSAFE Anti-Collision Edge Protector

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